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About Agile Minds
We are a small Latvian based company that helps organisations to find ways to deliver more value.
Leonid Uljankin
Founder & Passionate Scrum Master
I'm working with individuals and their interactions over processes and tools since 2014.

My passion is working with teams and organisations to help them uncover their full potential, to deliver more value to the world.

On track to become PST – Professional Scrum Trainer from, currently PSM I/II, PSPO I and LeSS - Practitioner. KMP1 - Lean Kanban University.

Maria Nurminskaya
Founder, Gestalt therapist and Scrum Master
I'm an active Agile Latvia team member, Facilitator and Co Organizer of monthly Agile meet ups and yearly Agile Week Riga conference.
Anna Mitrofanova
Certified ICF professional coach, facilitator, Agile enthusiast
I help individuals and teams to uncover their potential, gain clarity and focus on what is meaningful, find new solutions for challenges, grow professionally and personally.

With more than 10 years in IT in different roles and organizations, combined with coaching background have given me broad experience in effective communication, solving complex adaptive problems, building shared understanding and focusing on results that create value.

Arturs Kalnins
PSM III Scrum Dungeon Master, Level 80 Agile Coach
During my professional journey of 13+ years I've been employed in a vast range of roles from tech support and developer to business analysis and project manager.

This extensive experience in different areas of software development gives me a unique perspective into most effective ways to deliver successful product and in-depth knowledge of the development lifecycle.

In my experience agile transformation usually is a completely new experience for companies, therefore in my approach I use various gamification coaching techniques to educate, ease the transition and lessen the discomfort of change.

Our services
We offer wide range of services including Agile Coaching, Teaching and Mentoring as well as Facilitation of your meetings and events.
Participatory decision making
Have you ever struggled to take a decision? Or had a decision that was not implemented? Or participated in hello/bye meeting? We can help to make your organisation just a bit and huge step more involving for everyone. Facilitation is a good place to start to empower people in your organisation to take decisions together. Or just have productive meetings.

Please meet Maria, she is our facilitation expert and a Scrum Master with 7 years of experience.

Having fun is underrated!
Agile is not just about Scrum, or is it?
Yes, Scrum is a de facto standard and it is simple to understand and hard to master. We are not going to lie to you, to master it takes serious commitment and effort. But results... Let me just say that 400% more value for your customers with same people is not a limit!

My name is Leonid and I am a Scrum Master. I know that Scrum works from my personal experience. I say that Scrum is a journey, a path to a better organisational design and business adaptability. Also it does not work if you copy paste it on top of your existing structure.

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